About SALT

SALT bar & restaurant, designed by the English architectural firm, Conran & Partners, is a modern version of the splendid Parisian brasserie. A fascinating maritime expression has become characteristic for SALT‘s decor.

The food at SALT is full of innovative and challenging flavors. It is modern Danish and created from a strong traditional foundation, where modern techniques are refining the confidence of habit. Classic, recognizable taste combinations combined with the temptations of contemporary interpretations represent what we define as modern classics.

Since the opening of SALT, our Head Chef, Rasmus Møller Nielsen, has been a magnificent strength in creating the common thread between tradition and innovation. The penetrating focus on the food as being modern Danish arose from his great engagement.

The SALT menu changes every fourth week. Our guests can choose between three, four or five dishes. SALT has a large á-la-carte menu where single dishes or a set of courses can be selected from this menu.

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