Extreme Cruise & Dine

A night out with the boys? There could be no better start than this!

Be blown away by racing across the waves of the Øresund in a RIB boat – high speed, adrenalin pumping fun that is not only refreshing – it will put a smile on your face a mile wide and everybody will have a tale to tell afterwards.

The RIB trip is just the start of a challenging evening. Back in harbour, the SALT restaurant will tease and test your taste buds with a dinner with a complexity of flavours.

1 hour RIB trip and 4 dishes from the SALT menu

DKK 1,550 per person with 4 persons

DKK 1,155 per person with 6 persons

Book your Extreme Cruise & Dine by calling +45-3374 1444. Purchase the event by making a reservation at least 2 days in advance.

You can read more about the RIB trip here.