Wining & Dining

SALT restaurant places great emphasis on the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. Our waiters regularly practice the art of pairing wine and food to obtain the perfect match – and because the character of wine can change over time, it is customary that the waiter always tastes the wine before it is poured in your glass.

SALT‘s wine list includes a variety of different wines.
We offer 40-50 different white wines and 60-70 different reds.

The story about the wine

In order to maintain our desire to only serve the most optimal wines for your menu, the SALT restaurant frequently visit passionate winemakers who can expand our horizons. Our Restaurant Manager, Thomas Burgby, often travels around the world to explore rare wines that will contribute to a fulfilling dining experience.

To ensure that all guests will come away with a holistic experience, the SALT restaurant ensure that waiters know which wines best compliment the food.

See SALT‘s wine list here and SALT’s glasses of wine here.